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Replaced Concrete Gutters
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Why Choose Thaxen

No Hard Sell

We do not believe in “hard sell” tactics when it comes to quoting our customers. Our sales representatives will measure up your property and explain exactly how the work is done and tell you about the materials we use as well as informing you about the company itself.

Professional Installation

Different companies have different methods for doing this type of work, some companies extend rafters whilst others offer aluminium guttering. We have found the best method is to do it the way we do, that’s why our warranty can be insurance backed. See the page titled “our process” for the correct way to do this work.

20 Year Warranty

Once we have completed your installation the installers will make sure you are happy with the work and answer any questions you may have. You do not pay the balance until you are completely satisfied. Once the work is done we will issue you with a 20 year warranty.

Professional, Reliable Team

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Top Workmanship

Replaced Concrete Gutters

Happy Customers

Happy Customer

Our Ethos

We treat every single one of our customers like gold dust, we appreciate how hard it is to earn a good reputation and how easily it can be lost, that is why we are 100% committed to providing excellent customer service from start to finish.

Your property is not only your most valuable asset but it is also our showroom, we will complete your work in a way that will make everybody on the street want Thaxen.

We work very hard to stay ahead of the envious competition, whilst they try to copy our methods they do not have the dedication that we do, that’s why today Thaxen is still the number one for concrete gutter removal.

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.
We guarantee you will only need us once.

Happy Customer

We guarantee to do the job properly

Cheap is cheap for a reason, don't settle for sub par replacement:

Some companies will also offer cheap replacement of your guttering. We won’t name and shame these companies that have carried out the works below. Needless to say they were all very cheap when it came to the price.

No Wonky Gutters!

Wonky Gutters

This picture shows a property where the concrete guttering was not cut straight so when they fitted the fascia it was at an angle, the simple answer would have been to remove the fascia board and start again. However, this company obviously thought that this looked good enough.

No Unfinished Gutters

Unfinished Guttering

We notice a lot of companies are unsure as to how to handle the corner sections of concrete gutters. This picture shows a company that have just left a bit of concrete guttering behind rather than spend a little more time to get it right and looking good.

No Botched Finishing

Poor Quality Finishing

We’re not sure what happened here however it is rather obvious that this is a terrible job in every possible way. No care or attention has been taken to ensure the job is finished properly. We would never leave a botched join in such a terrible state.

No Odd Fixtures

Odd Fixtures

Finishing a job with the correct, matching fixtures really makes a difference. We really do not know what this particular company was thinking with this attempt  and we’re sure the customer was not too impressed either.

Testimonials from Happy Thaxen Customers...

Why You Should Choose Thaxen...

  • 20 year warranty.
  • Highest quality materials.
  • Pressure treated timber faceplate.
  • Free no hassle quotes provided.
  • Public liability cover of 5 million.
  • Competitive prices – quality at a fair price.
  • Satisfaction surveys done with all customers.
  • Up to date social media with testimonials from customers.
  • 10 year insurance backed warranty available through our Carefree Package.
  • Latest access equipment all to health and safety standards.
  • Licensed to deal with asbestos downpipes.
  • Clean tidy finish with all rubbish being removed.
  • Over 20 years experience in concrete gutter replacement.
  • Highly trained installers.
  • Concrete gutter removal is all we do and is our sole focus point.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Split office departments dedicated to installations / sales and customer service.
  • Ongoing contracts with several councils and housing associations nationwide.
  • Unique installation method – we do the extras that others don’t.

Get it done the Thaxen way...

  1. Free no obligation quotations – we won’t scribble a price on a piece of paper, we will demonstrate exactly what you get for your money.
  2. Fully trained installers – All of our fitters work exclusively for us and have years of experience in the removal of concrete guttering and they have all worked on hundreds of properties. The materials are only as good as the workmen fitting them.
  3. Comprehensive cover – We want all of our customers to have piece of mind after the work is complete, that is why we over a 20 year warranty that covers every aspect of the installation. We can also provide you with a 10 year insurance backed warranty.
  4. The best materials – We know you don’t want your lovely white fascias and guttering to discolour and go yellow in a few years, which is why we use the best quality materials with guaranteed colour fastness
  5. Nationwide coverage – We cover the whole of the UK to make sure that whatever your concrete guttering issues, we can solve them for you.
  6. Public Liability Cover – We have a £5,000,000 policy insuring that should anything go wrong we are completely covered, you can never be too careful.
  7. Help when you need it most – We have a large team of staff with a designated sales department and an installation department to help with anything you may need. You wont have to wait days to get hold of us, just pick up the phone and call.
  8. Asbestos Removal – A lot of concrete gutter properties have asbestos downpipes, we are fully licensed to remove this and will have them disposed of properly leaving you with no risk

Our Promise

We promise that we will tidy up after the work is done leaving your home the way it should be. To treat every home like a show home. Completing the work in a way that will make everybody on you street want Thaxen to replace their gutters.

We are 100% committed to providing excellent service from start to finish.

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