Concrete Guttering Problems

Concrete gutters were used from the mid 50’s to late 60’s. These concrete gutters, known as finlock gutters, were produced in a range of designs.

Sadly these gutters deteriorate over time and as we have found, finlock concrete guttering is rarely ever found in good working order…

Curved Finlock Guttering
Square finlock Guttering
Roofing diagram

Common Problems Caused by Failing Gutters

External Leaks

The first sign that your concrete gutters have failed is usually when you start to notice drips and damp patches under the gutters, sometimes the underside of the gutters will have white patches on them which is also a sign they are at the end of their lifespan. Whilst these damp patches affect the look of your property, more importantly they lead to bigger problems and it won’t be long before the damp starts to penetrate inside your house.

We can help rectify your gutters before it’s too late, if you think you have a leaking gutter, please don’t hesitate and get in touch today…

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Internal Damp

Most customers that we see have left things a little too late when it comes to the replacement of their gutters and they end up with damp coming through into their bedroom, this can be spotted along the top of the wall or around the window edges. If you act quick and have them replaced then you will be able to do the minimum re-decoration afterwards.

If you think you have an internal damp problem caused by your failing concrete guttering get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

Damaged Cavity Wall Insulation

What most people don’t realise is that when your concrete gutters fail and water starts leaking in, this can get into your cavity and will soak into the cavity wall insulation which causes it to drop to the bottom half of the house, leaving you with no insulation upstairs and a damp filled cavity downstairs.

Damaged Cavity Wall Insulation could be costing you hundreds of pounds in wasted energy. Fixing your guttering before replacing your insulation will help prevent the issue arising again.

"Although it wasn't a cheap job, it was worth every penny to have it done properly."

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Bowing of the windows

Typically houses with concrete guttering have approx 13 metres of this guttering, that totals up to almost half a tonne in weight, if you have had windows fitted that don’t have the right re-enforcements in the frame then it is likely the concrete blocks will drop and cause your window frames to bend slightly, which puts immense pressure on the glass.

We can help rectify your gutters before it’s too late, if you think damaged guttering is causing your windows to bow, please don’t hesitate and get in touch today…

...and lastly Overall General Poor Appearance

We all know that concrete gutters are not the most attractive thing to have on your property, that is why whenever we complete an installation in an area we end up generating several more orders from neighbours who also want to transform the look of their property.

Get rid of your ugly, troublesome concrete guttering and brighten up your home.

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